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Update 07/04/13: I do not update this Website as often as I would like now, due to far better content being available on other sites around the Internet. I keep it live mainly for the visitors who still occasionally come to look at my "Holiday Reports" pages. However there will not be much new content as I am too busy with other projects to keep it up to date. Sorry about that!

Update 30/07/10: Moved the whole website to a new Server host at This allows me much more control over the site than the previous host and the uploading of files via any broadband ISP.

Update 29/07/10: Well after only 10 weeks since the holiday, I have uploaded a small "Holiday Report" from our fifth visit to Thassos in May 2010. It's in the "Holiday Reports" section on the navigation menu or Click here

Update 28/03/10: Added a new page on using the Free App Software installation utility.

Update 22/03/10: Rechecked all the external website links at the bottom of the Holiday Reports pages and removed or edited them where necessary.

Update 20/03/10: Updated a tip on the "My Tips" page with information on a new website that allows you to download and install multiple Freeware applications in one go, without any further interaction needed by the user until it is completed.

Update 09/03/10: Updated some of the tips on the "My Tips" page with screenshots from different Operating Systems, updated the page and removed some expired information. Removed the outdated "Software and Downloads" page. Added an "Essential Software" page detailing my recommendations for the most useful software for your PC.

Update 08/03/10: Added a Google "translate" box to the template, to update each page so it can be translated easily into multiple languages by any visitors. Not an ideal solution but in my experience generally accurate translations and a lot cheaper than using a machine or software based translation option.

Update 08/03/10: Spent a few hours working in Adobe Fireworks designing new banners for the site, used in this and the Index opening page. I'm very pleased with the results. Fireworks is a great program for image editing once you get used to how it works. I was able to keep the banners design close to the original ones which I liked, but altered enough to make them fresh and incorporating the new "" domain I have purchased.

Update 03/02/10: I have updated the templates used for the pages to use a fixed width setting to enable correct page layout in most browsers,regardless of your screen's resolution.

Update 28/11/09: I removed the link to "Netscape Navigator" at the foot of the pages as it lost out in the Browser war and is no more! I have replaced it with a link to the new kid on the block "Google Chrome". I also updated the IE logo to "Internet Explorer 8".

Update 27/11/09: I have removed numerous Help pages in an attempt to tidy up the site. These were created in the days well before fast Broadband connections, multiple "Help" websites and forums where you can post your questions and get an answer to your problem within hours without trawling through pages of irrelevant information. I have left the odd page intact, but may make more changes at a later date.

Update 18/01/09: Removed the link to "IntelliFix" as it wasn't generating any response and most people that I know who need their PCs looking at, know how to get in in touch with me by other methods. Also removed the Pop-up message on site entry advising of the Domain name change. Anyone who doesn't know about it now, never will do!!

Update 08/10/08: Added a link (below this box) offering my help with your PC issues via "IntelliFix" connection

Update 10/08/08: Finally got round to uploading a small "Holiday Report" from our third visit to Thasssos in May 2008. It's in the "Holiday Reports" section on the navigation menu or Click here

Update 06/05/08: I have moved the site to a new Web Host "Host@Free Parking" who offer competitive low cost hosting. I have also changed the "Hit Counter" on the entrance Homepage to a new provider who can give me better statistics on my visitors.

Update 12/04/08: I have removed the "Megalinks" pages from the site, as many of the links were out of date and most people nowadays, bookmark their favourite sites. I have also updated my Sites "Search Engine" as I discovered the "Atomz" provided one was no longer working.

Update 31/01/08: I have uploaded a small "Holiday Report" from our second visit to Thasssos in October 2007. It's in the "Holiday Reports" section on the navigation menu or Click here

Update 04/09/07:Finally, after only 17 months, I have managed to get my Thassos "Holiday Report" online from our week there in May 2006! Hopefully someone will find it of use and I enjoy writing them anyway, so what the heck! We are off back to Thassos (a first for us to return to a visited resort) in October 2007 which is what prompted me to get the report online, otherwise it would probably have still been gathering dust on my PC!!

Update 26/10/06:Well in some sort of record time I have managed to get my latest holiday report completed in less than a week! My "Holiday Report" from from our week in Parga is now online. Now all I have to do is get the report from Thassos in May online too!

Update 24/10/06:I've just returned from what I would deem an "interesting" holiday to say the least in Parga, Greece! I am busy compiling the report at this minute and I will get it online as soon as I can!

Update 01/03/06:I am hoping to make time to update or add some information to the pages of my website over the coming months. Some pages are now looking distinctly dated in terms of the relevance of the information they contain and so they will either be updated or removed. I have started with this Homepage and changed the Navigation Menu above to a clearer easier to use one - I think! I thank you for your patience while these changes are taking place.

Update 09/04/05:Well, 7 months after returning from holiday, I've finally managed to get my latest "Holiday Report" online from our week in Skiathos. Unfortunately it's not all good news as this wasn't one of the most enjoyable resorts we've visited! Still hope you like the review!!

Update 23/01/05:I've been trying to find a reliable 3rd party Email form mailer for my Feedback Form page. As my ISP "NTL Home" does not allow the use of CGI scripts on it's servers I have to use an external source. Anyway, I think I've now found one that works well and as a bonus doesn't add any annoying adverts to the form. So if you have any questions or want to contact me feel free to use the Feedback Form page which is now working!

Update 14/11/04:Added a section on Free Anti-Virus, Firewall and Spyware Removal Software to the "Software" page. Still working on getting the latest "Holiday Report" online!

Update 15/10/04: I'm in the process of trying to update my Website in a big way. I've added a new and easier to navigate Menu system along the top of the page. I've removed some of the more irrelevant pages, such as the "Updates" page as this scroll box now contains most of the updates information. I've some more pages to update or change and a new "Holiday Report" to add from our recent trip to Skiathos in September. I've revised some of the fonts in use to make things more consistent by using a template incorporating Cascading Styles, so that should help. I may change the background image as well to give a more instant effect of a site overhaul! Hopefully I can get all this done in a shorter space of time than with the last "Holiday Report" but only time will tell!

Update 22/06/04: Well 4 weeks after getting back from Holiday and I've finally managed to get my latest "Holiday Report" online!! This one is our trip to the Greek Island of Kos in May 2004 and hopefully it will be as useful to some of you as the last ones would seem to have been.

Update 09/07/03: Well we managed to move house in May 2003 and maybe, just maybe, I might now get motivated to update some of the content of this site. A start has been made with the changing to some new "Banners" above and on the opening "index" page. Thanks to my good friend David Gaymer for designing them for me.

Update 07/04/03: Well I've just rechecked my Guestbook links and finally got the "Sign Guestbook" page to work!! . So maybe I'll now get some new entries to it. I'm in the process of moving house for the second time. Once was bad enough!! Hopefully once I get settled again I can get the site updated a bit more and maybe add some new content. Let me know if there is anything in particular you'd like to see, within reason!!

Update 31/10/02: Updated the latest "Holiday Report" with more images, mainly of brochures and leaflets I got whilst there. They might help you plan your excursions before you visit.

Update 21/10/02: I have uploaded my latest "Holiday Report" detailing our recent holiday to Porto Colom in Majorca. From the Feedback I get quite a few visitors find these reports helpful when they are planning on visiting the same resorts. I have a few more things to add to this particular report, mainly more images, but I thought I'd upload it now as it's mostly complete.

Update 14/08/02: The Navigation Menus at the top of the pages have been updated and the colour scheme slightly changed. It should be a red/brown colour with white text and yellow hyperlinks. If you are still seeing the blue coloured menus, you need to force a refresh in your browser to receive the updated content. Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the "Refresh" icon at the top of your browser window.

Update 11/08/02: Apologies for the lack of recent updates. I had a major Hard Drive failure which caused me to lose a lot of my Website Data. Thankfully I managed to retrieve most of it off the online site.

Update 13/05/02: Added "Spam Filtering" page on getting rid of junk e-mail from your "Inbox".

Update 10/04/02: Updated "Frontpage Help" page so that "Hover" buttons now work and added info' on "Marquees". Also changed the screenshot images.

Update 02/04/02: Added a new page to the Help section on using "Web Publisher v2.3" which came free with the March issue of PC Answers magazine.

Update 29/03/02: I couldn't find a "Created with Dreamweaver" logo for my pages anywhere on the Internet so I had a go at designing my own by adapting the "Microsoft Frontpage" logo I already had. The "new" logo now appears at the bottom of each webpage.

Update 28/03/02: Added this scrollable box to display the Updates messages in. This will help to save space on this page as the update text is all within this box without the need to scroll the whole page. Hover your mouse over the arrows on the bottom right of this box to scroll the text up or down. I have noticed that if the Navigation Bar dropdown links at the top of the page "sit" over this scroll box the hyperlinks over the scroll box stop working. To solve this just use the main scroll bars to move down the page so the Navigation Bar is below this Message box.

Update 24/03/02: More updates to the My Tips page. Added the Scunthorpe "Overground" Map!!.

Update 14/03/02: Small update to the My Tips page. Information on free Anti-Virus software.

Update 31/01/02: No substantial updates to speak of, but I have checked out all the links on my Megalinks pages, so they should all be valid now. For any Webmasters out there I used a great free tool for checking out the links very rapidly. Get it here

Update 12/10/01: Apologies for the lack of updates in recent months. I have today uploaded a "report" by one of my Website's visitors, Alan Coleman, on his Holiday experience in Tsilivi, Zante. You can find it here.

Update 17/07/01: I've added a Weather Banner (See above) to keep Visitors updated on the current weather forecast in Sunny Scunny!!

Update 07/06/01: I've added some "Reports" on our Holidays in Menorca (2000) and Zante (2001). Hopefully, some of the information may be useful to people planning trips to the resorts.

Update 01/06/01: I must apologise for the lack of updates to my pages in recent months. I have now completed my new "Simple Guide to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express" page, the most recent update. At present, I can think of very little that I can add to this site, but as always, if there is something your require please contact me.

Update 05/12/00: I have just received a very welcome e-mail. I submitted my Website for a Year 2000 - 2001 Golden Web Award. Today I got an e-mail stating that I had won and was able to display an Award logo. Whilst it may not seem much it makes all my work worthwhile.
The Award is voted for by members of the International Association of Web Masters and Designers and is presented to those sites whose web design and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

Update 22/11/00: I have totally revamped my sites Navigation Bar Menu. I have changed the Javascripts used so that the Menu should load faster. This also has the added benefit of reading the menu headings from some Javascript code in a separate file. This will make it easier for me when adding new pages as I will only have to update this file. Previously I had to alter the code on each page where the script was used. Please be aware that to navigate the Menus you need to click on the links that appear below the main headings. The Main headings only serve as hyperlink "Titles" to the sub-headings and are not in themselves linked to any pages. If you hover your mouse over any of the headings or sub-headings you will see a mouse-over textbox with more info' about that page. Make sure you click refresh or reload in your Browsers to see the new Menu.

Update 20/11/00: I have added a new Search My Site page to hopefully make it easier for Visitors to find what they are looking for. The main link to this page is below the "Home Page" link on the top Navigation Bar. I gradually continue to update and add pages as I get time, but as with most non-professional Web designers, I am limited by Work commitments.

Update 24/04/00: I'm gradually updating some pages and trying to add a bit more to the Site. I've added a new Navigation Menu that should appear at the top of selected pages (like this one!). Hope fully this will speed up the viewing of most pages compared to the previous graphic based Menu. I will try to update some more pages as I get time but I'm sorry I can't make any promises on that.

I have tested the pages out in both major browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape). I've still got a few things to "tidy up" and add which I'll try and get round too, as soon as possible. Anyway, hope you all like the "new" look, let me know via the feedback page and remember, don't forget to sign the Guestbook!!


Hi there, and welcome to my little home on the Web. Unlike most sites I will not proclaim that this is a Mega-Fantastic Exciting place to visit.

I will try to keep this site as simple and functional as possible. I visit too many Web sites each trying to outdo one another with loads of graphics, photos and text that takes longer to display and more powerful computers to process.

Keep it simple, that's what I say! If you don't like what you find here then fine, okay, go away and find somewhere more exciting.

I have tested the site in several Web browsers. The pages worked as intended in Microsoft Internet Explorer and most Internet Explorer based alternative browsers (Maxthon, Avant, etc.) but may not appear correctly in Mozilla based browsers (Firefox, Netscape, Opera, etc). I suggest viewing the pages in an Internet Explorer based browser if at all possible. There are links at the bottom of every page to the download pages of the most popular browsers.

I have designed this site to please myself, and if some other people like it then that's cool too!!

I have some Help pages offering tips and information aimed at beginners, or those people new to the Internet, although I have reduced the content of these pages considerably as much of the information was very outdated. If there is any information you would like to see added, please let me know. As I used to work in Computer retailing I will try and tailor the Help pages to the questions that were most commonly asked to me.

I have a Feedback page for your comments..

This site was originally produced using Microsoft Frontpage Website a very easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is ...almost!...What You Get) Html Editor. This is a good Web Editor for beginners as it is like other Microsoft products (such as "Microsoft Word") in the way it looks and works. From January 1st 2000, I am using Dreamweaver Website to produce my site. This is a more powerful and versatile Web Editor, that produces more consistent HTML code than "Frontpage". Once you've got used to editing Web pages and need a program with a bit more "bite" I highly recommend this one.
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