Holiday in Menorca - October 2000

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Holiday in Cala'N Forcat, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain,
Monday 16th October - Monday 23rd October 2000

Inspired by my own reading of Carl and Yvonnes excellent and very useful report of their visit to Cala N' Forcat on the "Menorca Guide" Website, I decided to write a similar report for potential visitors during our Holiday in the resort in October, 2000. This report is available here below and also on the Menorca Guide site.
Written during the stay on my Psion Series 3c Handheld PC using the built in "Word" application and transferred to my home PC and converted to HTML format, on return home.
Holiday Cost Breakdown (Booked on 27th September 2000)
JMC Holidays Manchester International/Mahon Calas Picas Apts, Cala' N Forcat 1 x 2 Bed Pb Sh Wc Bal/Ter
7 Nights S/C
AXA Insurance UK Plc Holiday Insurance Europe 9 Nights   £62.10
Total Cost £500.10

Where possible I have provided Hyperlinks to other websites giving further information on any of the places visited. All information in this "Holiday Report" should be taken as a guide only and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. I compile my reports as a service to visitors to my website who may have a Holiday booked in the future at any of the resorts or accommodation listed. I welcome any feedback or comments you wish to make or any questions about any of the information or establishments featured in the reports.

Cala'N Forcat, Menorca

Menorca has a reputation as the quieter of the Balearic Islands, however this area is quite busy for a Minorcan resort with plenty of sights to see and things to do. There are lots of Kids playparks and the Restaurants seem to cater well for children too. Cala'N Forcat is a resort comprised with Cala'N Brut and Cala'N Blanes in an area known as Los Delfines.

The main street (Avda. Los Delfines) runs from one end of the resort close to Beaches 1 & 2 all the way to Cala'N Blanes at the other end where you'll find Beach No.3. The area stretching from the Los Delfines Arch (Where you'll find the Water Park) to the main roundabout with the John Travolta statue (If you visit you'll see why it's been nicknamed that!) contains most of the Bars, Restaurants and Shops. Other outlets are located in the streets that run off this central one. This central avenue was quite busy at times even when we visited in October, so in the height of the Season I would think it could become pretty crowded!

The Beaches are not ideal if you're looking for space as they are all quite small. Even the biggest one (Beach No.3 in Carl & Yvonne's Report) was packed when we visited (in October) so I can imagine it being overflowing in High season!! Also as reported they are quite difficult to get to, especially Beaches 1 and 2. We would recommend taking the "Mini Roadtrain" mentioned in Carl & Yvonne's Report to get to the best beach (No.3) as it is quite a long walk otherwise.

The sea was warmer than our apartment complexes own swimming pool! Whether this is true in the height of Summer you'll have to find out for yourselves, but I would imagine so as it was October when we visited.

As we are not into "Pubs" we did not visit any of the Pubs in Carl & Yvonne's Report, but I would take them as accurate comments as their comments on the Restaurants were spot on!

There are a few Bars and the odd Disco that stay open till the early hours so if you are a Night Owl there should be something suitable for you too!

Of the Restaurants we visited here are our views:

Sa Caldereta

Location: On the main street close to the circular Shopping arcade.

Food: Excellent:Good choice, well presented. 8/10

Service: Very Good, Fast & efficient. 7/10

Comments: Average prices in pleasant surroundings, although the comments elsewhere on this website of "the deserts are delicious" we found misleading. They were average at least and not much choice. The best Restaurant for deserts is listed below (Abuelo).

Overall Score: 8/10

Las Brasas

Location: Off the main street, down the alley next to "Porkys" Bar.

Food: Outstanding: As previously commented if you are into meat dishes then this is THE place to eat! All meats are grilled over an authentic Menorcan Clay stove. Hugh servings! 10/10

Service: Very Good:If you want a meal in quiet surroundings (Apart from the "Porkys" bar "overflow" noise!) where you are not "rushed" to finish your meal then once again this is THE place. We took a good 2 hours over our meal and there were pleasant "waits" of up to 10 minutes between courses. 9/10

Comments: If you don't realize that this is the best Restaurant in the resort by now you never will do!!

Overall Score: 10/10


Location: On the main street next to the circular Shopping arcade.

Food: Excellent (Again!): Large servings and a very wide choice. Meat dishes not quite as tasty as at Las Brasas. This is THE place to come if you've a sweet tooth for deserts!! They have probably the best selection in the resort and the Ice Cream Sundaes are huge! Served with loads of toppings and cream usually with a "brolly" decoration and with a burning Sparkler as it's brought to your table!! 9/10

Service: Excellent:If you want quick and efficient service then this is the place. Even so, you didn't feel "rushed" even though they were very busy when we visited. 9/10

Comments: If you want quick service and excellent food then this Restaurant does it.

Overall Score: 9/10

Bar-Restaurante Bianco

Location: On the main street at the John Travolta roundabout. This restaurant is part of a chain in the resort all serving the same menu.

Food: Average. Our first choice of Pork was unavailable, so we both ordered Fish dishes. Served on a sort of tray that best resembled a kitchen chopping board, which some people might consider unhygienic. Good portions though. 5/10

Service: Poor: Although to be fair there was only one Waiter at what seemed quite a busy time. 4/10

Comments: Not bad, but there are much better to be found in the resort.

Overall Score: 5/10

If your really homesick there's a Wimpy bar and Lynnes Little Chippy for good old English Fish 'n' Chips!

We also ate at a couple of Restaurants outside of the resort. These have been omitted for the purposes of this review.

In general, eating out proved cheaper than buying in food to cook. There were only two of us (No kids) but we managed a daily three course evening meal with drinks and tips included at under 20 per couple. We found the prices didn't differ that drastically between the Restaurants, however a Currency Convertor is useful (We had one in my Psion 3c) for on the spot comparisons. We managed on one main meal a day (usually in the evening) with "snacks" throughout the rest of the day, although I realize this may not suit everyone, especially when you've got kids in tow!


There is an abundance of Shops in Cala'N Forcat selling just about any souvenirs, clothing, food or article you might need whilst on Holiday. If you're self catering we found that the cheapest shops for food, etc. were generally to be found on the main street running through the resort. The local supermarkets within the apartment complexes, whilst being nearer, did tend to charge higher prices for that privilege. Just buy the essentials like bread, milk, coffee, etc. for when you need a "snack". Make sure you buy bottled water (Agua) to make your drinks as the tap water is only okay for washing.

Recommended Supermarket (Supermarcado): The "Tesco" in the circular "Centro Comercial" Shopping arcade on the main street. Cheap and well stocked with all the "essentials" you may need. Advertised "Tesco" name in window as they carry imported "Tesco" own brand goods too.

The "Centro Comercial" is a circular winding arcade of small shops selling just about anything you could want, that you walk round via an upwardly winding mall that ends at the top by "Bar Davids". You can get some great photos of the area from this viewpoint. This arcade also features the only dedicated "Tobac" shop for all those tobacco products you may want to bring home. We found it cheaper than the other shops that sold tobacco as a sideline. Also the "Perfum" store here sells a wide range of perfumes and cosmetics at reasonable prices.


We booked with JMC Holidays. As we had not been on a "Package" holiday in over 10 years we were a bit apprehensive as to what to expect. We needn't have worried!

JMC Air took care of the flights to and from Menorca and I can highly recommend them for in-flight services and a good meal!!

Los Lentiscos/Calas Picas Apartments

The Apartments were bright, spacious and clean. The service was excellent along every step of the holiday and a Rep' could always be found if needed. You were also issued with an "Emergency" card on arrival, so that you could contact a Rep' "Out of hours" if needed.

We went on two JMC excursions detailed below:

A Chorus Line (Pedros)

Met by a Spanish "medallion man" known as Pedro, and a glass of Pomada (Gin and Bitter Lemon) you were treated to his renditions of famous Spanish and English songs. The "Cabaret" consisted of a JMC Reps' show of songs, sketches and the general holiday type humour aimed at the British. It was actually quite good!!

Throughout the "Show" you had a 3 course meal and your glass was constantly refilled with a sort on watered down punch of fruit juices (supposed to be Sangria). Kids are looked after throughout in their own area by the JMC Kids World Reps'.

If you want a quiet night this is not the trip to go on, as at times you "couldn't hear yourself speak", but overall it's not a bad nights entertainment.

The Love Boat

Much more tranquil this evening consists of a trip to the main capital city of Menorca, Mahon.

You are taken for a cruise round the Harbour of the second deepest port in the World. You get to see, if you're lucky and weather permits, a very beautiful Sunset over the Harbour as the cruise takes place at Dusk. You get a free drink of sparkling wine on board and are serenaded throughout by a Spanish guitarist.

You then return to shore where you have two hours to have a meal in one of the Portside restaurants before returning to the bus for the journey back to your resort.

Overall, this a pleasant and relaxing excursion. Recommended.

You will find out about these and many other excursions at the "Reps' Welcome" meeting shortly after your arrival.

We had a invasion of ants after a few days in our apartment, something the JMC Rep' had warned us was a problem on the island. We reported it to the apartments reception and within the time of us then going out to dinner and our return to the apartment, approximately under 2 hours, it was obvious from the smell of the ant killer that someone had been in to deal with it, while we were out. Very efficient service! The JMC Rep' also gave us a tip that we took up while we were out. Buy some fresh lemons and cut them in half, then place them either side of the main entrances to your apartment. This stops any further ant invasions as they don't appear to like lemons!!

Getting Around

The local Bus service into the old Capital of Ciutadella is very efficient and frequent.

As the main resort area of Cala N' Forcat is quite compact it is easy to explore the local area on foot. If you want to explore further afield by yourselves, then a Hire car is recommended.

Mopeds and Bicycles were not recommended to be hired for safety reasons.

To summarize, we enjoyed our week in Cala'N Forcat and felt that two weeks their may have stretched the boredom factor a little too far. Unless you plan to explore further afield or just prefer to stay by the pool or sea all day on Holiday, then a week in Cala'N Forcat is just about right to soak up all you can see and do there. We would recommend it.

Chris & Marie, October 23rd 2000.

If you require any more information on anything above please feel free to e-mail me.

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