Holiday in Thassos - May 2010

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Holiday in Thassos Town (Limenas), Thassos, Greek Islands.
Sunday 16th May - Sunday 23rd May 2010

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I have also provided some links to information on other websites. Some of the photos have been optimised, cropped or rotated to display them better. For anyone that is interested the camera used is a Panasonic model DMC-FZ8 7 Million Pixel with a 12x Optical Zoom Lens.

Written during the stay on my Advent 4211 Netbook PC using "Adobe Dreamweaver CS3" software and transferred to my home PC, checked and uploaded to the Internet on my return home.

Holiday Cost Breakdown ("Package Deal" booked on 11th March 2008)
Thomson Holidays Birmingham/Kavala (Thassos) Elia Studios, Thassos Town 1 x Studio
Sh Wc Bal/Ter
7 Nights B/B 2A
Lloyds TSB Own Annual Travel Insurance through
Lloyds TSB Bank Select Platinum Account Benefit.
7 Nights   £0.00
NCP Ltd Parking Birmingham Short/Medium Stay 2/3
8 days   £66.00
Total Cost

Where possible I have provided Hyperlinks to other websites giving further information on any of the places visited. All information in this "Holiday Report" should be taken as a guide only and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. I compile my reports as a service to visitors to my website who may have a Holiday booked in the future at any of the resorts or accommodation listed. I welcome any feedback or comments you wish to make or any questions about any of the information or establishments featured in the reports.
My "Report" writing has become a bit of a ritual now, after I wrote a smaller but similar "report" when we visited Menorca in the year 2000 and the feedback I got from that was very encouraging. Some people have their books to read (The wife!), I have my Netbook!! If it helps one person in finding info' on their holiday resort, then it's been worthwhile.

Holiday Summary

I did not write a full report during this visit as I think I covered most things in my 2006 report, therefore this is just a summary of the holiday mainly concerning our accommodation, written during the stay, as and when I felt there was something to add!

We once again returned in May 2010 for a filth visit to the beautiful Greek island of Thassos. The last time we visited was October 2008, but I never wrote a "Report" on that occasion. As a general rule we prefer to visit somewhere new every year instead, but for some reason this magical island and in particular it's capitol “Thassos Town” has captivated our hearts and is one of the few places in the world where Marie can really relax and chill-out. We again stayed in the same resort (Thassos Town) but couldn't get a room at our favourite accommodation, Finikas. So this time after extensive research we choose a S/C rate room at the Elia Studios, which is a bit further along the main road out of town that you use to reach the Finikas studios.

Sunday 16/05/10

We once again flew from Birmingham and drove to the Airport through the night setting off about 2am for the 6.50am flight. We booked our holiday on-line through Thomson Holidays (Part of the Thomson TUI Group) and flew with "Thomsonfly" again who were superb in every respect the last time we traveled with them. The in-flight movie was the new version of "Sherlock Holmes" which I'd already seen so I didn't bother bother watching it. There had been some concerns over possible delays caused by the Icelandic Volcano ash cloud, but having checked on the Internet prior to leaving home, Thomson were advising passengers who's flights departed before midday to turn up as normal at the airport. There were no such issues with our outbound flight, although we did hear of problems with the returning Manchester bound flight having to be diverted to Gatwick instead. The flight and transport to the Hotel was very good and uneventful as always. However the same could not be said for the Hotel.

We got to the Elia Studios hotel complex around 2pm local time and were directed to our room (102) on the ground floor of one of the apartment blocks. These studios are pretty much standard greek fair with two single beds pushed together, a small kitchen/utility area and a small bathroom with shower (no curtain), toilet and washbasin. Neither the washbasin or the kitchen area sink had plugs in them making washing a sort of rinse and wash affair under a running tap, but it wasn't  a major issue. We later bought some sink plugs from the supermarket as they were only €1 which was nothing and it solved the problem. There are sufficient utensils and wardrobe space for two persons. The lack of a cooking hob was a concern until we found a plug-in electric hob under the sink. There was also a kettle but no toaster.

In the clothes wardrobe there was a safe, which I couldn't get to work. It had an electronic type keypad into which you put your own code for use during your stay. The lights on the keypad didn't glow and I suspect that you may have to pay some sort of rental charge to the hotel and then they will probably activate it, by I would guess putting a battery in the keypad so it works for you. Anyone reading this who can confirm or knows otherwise how they work I would be grateful if you could get in touch so I can update this report. We didn't bother finding out and instead decided to keep our valuables and money with us at all times.

The twin beds The Bathroom Wardrobe

There is a fridge in the studio which is always powered, but any other electric for the lights, sockets, etc is provided by putting your rooms keycard in a slot on the wall whilst you are in the room. The patio doors led out to a balcony terrace which held a table and two chairs and was surrounded by a rather attractive garden.

The hotel has a small bar room where you can relax or enjoy a drink by the pool. They have attractive gardens and plenty of sun loungers, tables and chairs.

The Elia Studios Complex The bar The swimming pool

After settling in and unpacking we took a walk down to the nearby supermarket to stock up on the usual self catering "provisions". The supermarket is very close to the hotel, less than 2 minutes walk away and is large, friendly and well stocked with everything you could need.

About 3.30pm we were tired after the long journey so we decided to have a sleep for a couple of hours, as we often do. Both quickly falling asleep we woke up around 6pm, to find it had been raining, but was now warming up again. Anyway for our first night we got showered and changed and made our way down into the town to dine at our favourite restaurant Thassian.

This was the first time we'd seen Rigas since our last holiday and although he knew we were coming, he gave us such a warm welcome as always and it was lovely to see him and everyone at the Doukas-Thassian Restaurant again. We had a quick chat with Rigas telling him we were off for a drink first before dinner.

I had made friends through Facebook with Tracy who along with her partner Alan have taken over the running of the old Jeanie's bar on the Thassos waterfront. It is located a very short stroll to the right of the Doukas-Thassian Restaurant restaurant along the road towards the Ferries dock.

They have renamed the bar rather appropriately the "Waterfront Cafe Bar" and are slowly building up the business and their reputation as a pleasant place for a drink, coffee or a light snack. There is seating in front of the main building or in the adjacent covered area across the road. We had a nice long chat with them both before we went for our evening meal. The bar is nice and relaxing and serves all sorts of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, coffee, teas and light snacks daily throughout the Holiday season and I urge you to give them a visit when you're next in Thassos town.

At about 9.15pm we made our way back to Doukas-Thassian Restaurant for dinner, something you couldn't do in the UK at this time of evening as most Restaurants in the UK stop serving food at about 9 to 9.30pm for some obscure reason that I have never managed to understand.

This year they have amalgamated with the Doukas Restaurant next door and are running the operation as one. This appeared to be working very well with everyone adorned in new Doukas-Thassian Restaurant shirts. Although it was only the second week into the Holiday season Rigas told us that the new partnership had been going well and the Restaurant had been quite busy. They have kept the colour schemes on either side of the original restaurants as they both still have there own "regulars" who prefer to dine in either the Doukas or Thassian tables. However the dividing wall between the two has been removed and the tables interlink slightly to give an overall larger dining area. The lighting in the Doukas area had been toned down so the overall feel was of one restaurant and the ambience and general aura of the restaurant was no longer the hostile one that somewhat existed prior to to the merger. Everyone appeared to getting on well together and were all smiles.

We had a lovely meal as always, though Marie did state that her Fresh Sardine Fillets were not up to the standard she had previously experienced at Doukas-Thassian Restaurant, but still a lot better than some other Restaurants we have been to. I had my favourite dish "Juvetzi" which tasted no different and was as gorgeous as ever. I am having to be very careful in what I choose to eat as I'm having to stick to a very low fat diet at the moment. I have been diagnosed with 2 large gallstones and I'm due in Hospital the day after we get back to the UK to have my gall bladder removed.

Whilst having our coffee at the end of the meal we were approached by a couple of diners we hadn't met before who greeted us along the lines of "we just had to come and say hello to you, you're Chris and Marie aren't you, off the Internet!". It turns out that the lady in question, Kath was quite a fan of my previous "Holiday Reports" and had come out to Doukas-Thassian Restaurant this evening because she'd read one of my postings somewhere saying we would be there again on that evening. Aha, fame at last!

Seriously though it was very nice to meet someone who had enjoyed reading my reports and got such a wealth of information from them that helped them better plan their own holiday. They had booked the Finikas Studios previously on the basis of my recommendation and were staying there again on this occasion. Kath was waiting for my Report in October 2008 which I never wrote, but she inspired me again to write a brief one this time, so I hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks for a lovely chat Stuart and Kath and the reluctant photo (see below) this one's for you!

Monday 17/05/10

We woke up later than normal about 10.30am, after a good nights sleep. The weather today was a little overcast and not as sunny as Sunday. But the only people that seemed bothered by it were the Sun worshippers who couldn't do their normal "basting" today. We actually found it quite pleasant.

We had already decided not to bother going down to the Thomson "Welcome" meeting at 11am because we'd been to Thassos so many times now that we were pretty familiar with the island and felt there was little new to learn for us anyway. If you're interested, this year in Thassos Town the Welcome meeting is now held at the newly renamed "The Twins" bar/restaurant. It used to be known as "Zodiac" and is run by twin brothers, one of whom previously ran the original Twins restaurant in another part of town.

Today is our birthdays (We both share the same day) and we are off out for dinner gain this evening at Doukas-Thassian Restaurant as it's Marie's 40th birthday so we couldn't think of a better place to celebrate it.

After breakfast and throughout most of today, we just chilled out on the balcony, Marie reading her books on her Sony E-Reader and me typing up some more pages on this report.

At one point in the morning Marie went back inside the room to sit on her bed to read some more. She swears blind that she went to sit down normally but rather amusingly she promptly had the bed collapse beneath her!! The beds appear to be little more than nailed together side pieces with wooden slats across the widths supporting the mattress. The left wooden supporting "beam" had split near it's end and the slats consequently hit the floor.

Anyway, it couldn't be left like that as she didn't relish sleeping on the floor, so Marie went off to report it to one of the staff. The lady proprietor Elpi, came back with Marie, investigated the damage and went off to get someone to fix it. A short while later she came back with a gentleman who took apart the bed's broken bits and went away to get replacements. He returned within 20 minutes and within half an hour the whole matter was resolved to our satisfaction and Marie can sleep soundly again, although she is now getting on and off the bed a bit more carefully! Anyway, much kudos and praise to Elia Studios in resolving the matter promptly.

Stuart, Marie and Kath Chris and Marie on our birthday evening at Doukas-Thassian Marie's Birthday cake

This evening we went down to the Doukas-Thassian Restaurant restaurant once more for our birthday dinner. We had a great time! A lovely meal, I had their Homemade Chicken soup to start with and Marie had a Greek salad. For main course I had my favourite Juvetzi and Marie had Mousaka, which was a huge portion when it arrived. We had the usual drinks and coffee and the bill came to about €44.

After our meal we sat chatting and enjoying some more drinks, when all of a sudden the lights all dimmed. Then Rigas and the waiters came over to our table singing "Happy Birthday to you ...Happy Birthday to you".....ahh, most embarrassing but a lovely gesture. They brought us a Birthday cake which was lit up with sparklers and a candle in the shape of a question mark, which I think symbolised "guess my age" or "I'm not telling you my age!!". The cake was all chocolaty and gorgeous, very ice-creamy like. I had a little (due to my pending operation), Marie had a slice and we shared the rest out among a few of our fellow diners, some of whom were also celebrating their birthdays we found out.

We returned to the Hotel around 10.30pm by Taxi as it had been raining and we didn't fancy walking back through the wet streets. For your information the taxi only cost €4 from the Doukas-Thassian Restaurant to Elia Studios, so very reasonable in my opinion.

Back at the hotel we chilled for a while before attempting to get some sleep around 1am. I say attempting, because for at least an hour or more there were several children (from families in the complex I presume as the voices were all English) who were shouting, running, kicking balls around and generally making a nuisance of themselves in the Hotel gardens. Now I know they're on holiday and everybody has the right to enjoy themselves in their own way, but to me kids in the under 10 ranges (which they appeared to be) should not be left running about the hotel disturbing other guests who may wish to try to get to sleep, at that time of night. I think the parents who were probably in the bar, should have more control over them and be mindful of other guests interests. But then that's the society the UK has become unfortunately, it's always someone else's problem or responsibility, let the kids run amok, they're not hurting anyone. There is no respect for other people in a lot of parts of the UK anymore and kids can literally get away with murder! Anyway I'll get off my soapbox now!! I did eventually get to sleep, when the little darlings (I'm being polite and sarcastic there see!) went back to their parents and rooms.

Main road into Thassos Town centre Doukas-Thassian Restaurant
Waterfront Cafe Bar

Tuesday 18/05/10

A warmer day today, with bright skies, sunshine and only the occasional cloud.

Around 12.30pm we decided to take a walk into the town for a browse round the shops. It really hasn't changed a lot since our last visit, although there were a few new shops and bars we hadn't noticed previously. We walked through the main "High Street" road until we reached the harbour and then went back towards town via the Harbour front.

When we reached the Waterfront Cafe Bar we decided to have a spot of lunch there. Greeted by Alan we ordered  a couple of drinks first, before perusing the menu. This is an ideal place to come to when you fancy a light snack or even breakfast, as they are open form 8am.

I ordered a Spicy Chicken Baguette with side salad, whilst Marie had a Cheese toastie with chips. All the meals here are prepared fresh and cooked to order, which is how it should be. After a short wait we were served our meals. Both were excellent, hot and tasty and I can highly recommend them. Service by Alan and Tracy was excellent and I wish them well in this their first year and ongoing success. Give them a visit when you're next in Thassos town.

Whilst we were there Chris Taberna from the Four Season Hotel in Gildyki came over to say hello. He's another Facebook friend of mine and we will be going up to his hotel sometime this week to see it all.

Observations: Back at the Hotel typing up this report passes the time for me and I'm guessing many of the other holidaymaker's in the gardens watching me sat on the balcony would think I'm quite sad, but I don't care. The feelings mutual as I feel much the same way about this so called sunbathing lark, I just don't get it! There must be 50 or more people all now scattered around the gardens and the pool on the loungers trying to get a tan like it's some sort of bloody trophy to prove you've actually been on holiday!! This morning it was a bit sunnier so maybe there was a point, but now (around 4.30pm) the skies are clouding over, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, there's a breeze in the air and it looks like it may rain again later. If this was the UK most of them wouldn't dream of sunbathing in such changeable conditions so why when you're in a foreign country is it so different?

This evening we took a walk down to the old harbour area of the town, with the intention of viewing the "History Shots Presentation: The ancient history of Thassos" which bills itself as "a fascinating multimedia show". I dare say it probably is, but after finding out the cost we decided to give it a miss. We thought the cost of €10 per person, so €20 for the two of us, was a bit much and could be better spent elsewhere. To be fair they do give you a free (well in with the charge I guess) book of the A to Z of Thassos but we thought that if they give this book to each person and most visitors looked to be couples, you wouldn't really need 2 copies of the same book, would you? Anyway if you're interested and the price doesn't put you off the show is held every Tuesday and Friday at 7pm in the Kalogeriko (the white two-storey building on the Old Harbour, Thassos Town).

We walked around the corner from the Kalogeriko up towards the Restaurant we'd noticed on the way down. It is called "Patrikos" and looks to be a nice family run affair with the old papa (I'm guessing owner) greeting us warmly as we approached his restaurant. It looked quite busy and we chose a table on the outside front of the building with fabulous views across the old harbour.

Suzuki Jimmy Jeep Patrikos Restaurant Sunset view from Patrikos Restaurant

I had their home-made chicken soup to start with, followed by Pork Souvlaki and Marie had a Greek salad followed by Mousaka. They weren't the best presented of dishes we'd seen but they were all very tasty and filling with just enough in the portion sizes to fill you up, without being bloated. Value for money was the keyword here as with a couple of drinks also the bill only came to €21.50, so we thanked them for their good service and a lovely meal and gave them €25 for it all.

As we had eaten early (around 7.30pm) we took a nice steady stroll back to the hotel, calling at the paper shop on the way for one of the English newspapers.

Sidenote: On the way down to the Old Harbour we called at the National Car Rental shop, on the corner of the main street, opposite the Bakery and adjacent to "2 Wheels" Bike Rental. We had thought about seeing more of the Island on a couple of days (something we have never done previously) and so Marie wanted to make enquiries on the cost of renting a small Suzuki Jimmy Jeep for a couple of days. After speaking with Phil in the shop he quoted a price of €70 for two days rental including full insurance. We thought this very reasonable and decided to book it for 2 days for Thursday and Friday. Phil gave us a map and made some suggestions of some interesting places we might want to visit. We paid a €20 deposit and were informed that the car would be delivered to our hotel on Thursday morning about 9am.

Wednesday 19/05/10

Today we woke up to rain, cloudy skies and rain!! It had rained quite persistently through the night, so it was no surprise really and the only people that seemed bothered by it were the usual sun-worshipers. It pretty much kept this way for most of the day raining until about 2pm and only now (about 3.10pm) brightening up slightly with the rain stopped and it warming up slightly. There is little sign of the sun though with the skies still being overcast and cool temperatures.

Still no worries for us, as It's still quite pleasant and we're on holiday, so who cares!

About midday we took a walk in the rain to the nearby supermarket to get some more "supplies". I then took a walk on my own to the main town centre to get a newspaper. For your information at my steady pace it took about 6 minutes to walk from the Hotel to the start of the main resort centre. So say 10 minutes at most at a slower pace. Unfortunately when I got to the paper shop, I found they were all still yesterdays editions despite being printed in Greece. Maybe today's editions come in later, I may have a look this evening. I went for another walk to the paper shop around 3.15pm, by which time today's newspapers had arrived.

We went back to Doukas-Thassian Restaurant tonight for dinner, I had Chicken soup followed by Pork Soulvaki and Marie had a small portion of Sardines starter followed by Mousaka. With drinks the bill came to €25.

Observations: I would very much doubt I would ever return to this particular hotel in the future if we ever returned to Thassos again. There is nothing at all wrong with the Hotel itself, the proprietors are very nice, the rooms are adequate and even the location I can put up with. The problem is I'm a very light sleeper, unlike my wife Marie who is asleep as I type and could literally sleep through an earthquake! Unfortunately the room we are in (102) backs directly onto the bar and all I can hear through the walls is rowdy people and music. Now okay, they have a right to enjoy themselves on holiday like anyone else, I understand that. However it doesn't help me when I really want to sleep and I'm going to have to wait until the noise has died down to a lower level before I stand any chance. This hotel shares it bar and facilities with the adjacent Eden Hotel and to be quite honest that's where all the noise has been coming from during the day also, from all the guests around the Eden pool. The ones around the Elia pool seem to keep themselves to themselves and there's little interaction and they seem an older age group also, so that'll be part of it. Had I known earlier in the week there would be this much noise I could have maybe done something about it and seen the Rep' for another room or better still hotel.

I'm sure that I'm not going to be the only person disturbed by all this noise and if you are coming here and suffer with the same sleep disturbance, make sure you get moved if you find yourselves in the 100 block of studios...we are downstairs Rooms 101 to 104 so I'm not sure if its as noisy on the upper floor. I think we have been so spoilt with using the Finikas previously, which has only 10 rooms and no bar facilities on site, so no late night music or drinking, meaning its very quiet after dark, I really wish I was there again now!! I will make sure I never choose a place with an onsite bar again, as obviously that's fatal.

To be fair it's now 12 midnight and the noise has stopped so that's not too bad, if Kosta puts a limit of midnight of the closing time, I can probably live with that!

Thursday 20/05/10

A sunny day, bright and warm. The man from the Car Hire company came around 9am to hand over the keys to the Jeep. He took the €50 outstanding balance plus another €2 to add me as another driver. Bit of a waste in the end, as I didn't even attempt to drive it, as it took Marie a good 30 minutes to get use to the controls and driving on the right. Anyway we had a drive around for about 30 minutes before return to the Hotel and having a break. We then went back out about 12.30pm. We headed along the coast road with the intention of visiting the Lakes and Waterfalls up at the village of Maries in the hills. However the direction signs along the road leave a lot to be desired and we couldn't find the turning for it. We ended up in Potos over the south side of the island, before turning round and heading back towards Thassos town, still looking for the signs on that side of the road, which again we didn't see.

We decided to stop at the Four Season Hotel and say hello to my Facebook friend Chris Tabaner and have a spot of lunch there at the poolside bar. A very nice hotel if a little too far out of time for our liking. However if you like peace and tranquility set in pine woodlands with its own beach and pool then you'll love it.

We returned to our Hotel around 3pm, where Marie chilled and had a siesta afternoon sleep (something she seems to relish here) as she has been doing most days. On the way back we noticed another supermarket  to the left of the Hotel as you come out its gate, that we hadn't seen before. Only a minutes walk this one also sells English newspapers, thus saving me the trek into town for one.

In the evening we (well Marie!) drove the Jeep into town where we parked up on the seafront and walked a few yards to Doukas-Thassian Restaurant once again for dinner. I had chicken soup followed by mixed grill and Marie had sardines followed by Kelfatiko. With drinks and coffees the bill came to about €38.

Observations: Further to my notes of last night concerning the noise from the bar. It seems there is no limit on closing time as tonight the noise continued until at least 2am. So again, this confirms the fact that I would not return to this Hotel again and I personally cannot recommend it as a pleasant place to stay.

Friday 21/05/10

Hmm, wet, dull and dismal, that's the best way to describe today's weather that we woke up to. It may clear up later but at the moment it looks like a typical Summer Bank holiday day in the UK. Raining and wet!

Still we're going to attempt finding the waterfalls once more, as the car is a waste just sitting there otherwise. Then we'll probably return to town and do some last minute shopping.

Well this morning, we drove out to the where the road veers off the main coastal road (no signs so no wonder we missed it first time) onto a more bumpy older countryside road which led up through the lovely forest and olive groves into the hills. However when we got to what we thought was the village where the lake is supposed to be again there were no further signposts directing you to it. I personally feel this lack of signs for places tourists may wish to visit is a distinct drawback to the island. There should be some sort of maybe brown tourist type signs, similar to those in the UK directing visitors to the places of interest and more signs along the route confirming you are on the correct road still. Maps and directions from locals are all well and good but are of little help when there is no obvious official information. I feel this lets down the island substantially and limits further growth in tourism, which judging by the numbers here this year they need as many as they can get. I did find it rather disappointing that we couldn't locate the lakes as even on this dreary wet day we still wanted to visit them. The islands tourism department needs to realise that not everyone wants to sit by a pool or on the beach day after day and I have noticed better signing on other Greek islands we have visited, so there is really no excuse.

In the afternoon, we drove into town and did a bit of last minute shopping. Marie took a shine to some new shoes on display in one shop so purchased them. They cost €39.50. We bought a few souvenirs for family and then called for a drink at Waterfront Cafe Bar before returning to the Hotel.

This evening we once again ate at...yes you've guessed it...the Doukas-Thassian Restaurant. I had chicken soup (again!) followed by Meatballs in tomato sauce (yes, this is a greek dish!) and Marie had a small Greek salad followed by Mousaka (which seems to be her favourite). As always the meals were tasty, well presented and filling. The bill including drinks came to €23.

Saturday 22/05/10

Woke up to a sunnier, warmer day, if a little overcast still, but a vast improvement on yesterday. We had been running our supplies down in readiness for Sunday departure day, so there is just about enough left in the fridge for breakfast today and tomorrow morning. We will probably go out for lunch somewhere in town later and of course have our final meal at Doukas-Thassian Restaurant this evening.

We have already got the suitcases partially packed ready for the early morning start tomorrow.

We went into town around 1.30pm and had some lunch at the Waterfrom Cafe Bar before doing some final souvenir shopping. I had a Spicey Chicken Bagette and Marie had a Three Egg Ham & Cheese Omellete with Chips. Both were excellent once again and with drinks the bill came to only €15.50. We said our goodbyes to Tracey and Alan, as we were returning home tomorrrow so probably wouldn't see them again. We wished them every sucess in their new venture and I once again urge you to give them a visit when you're next in Thassos Town. They are one of the nicest couples you could wish to meet.

This afternoon it stated raining again, lovely! Of course, all the UK newspaprers are writing about the heatwave in Britain this weekend, typical! Oh well, we can go home tomorrow to some sun for a change!!!

This evening we had a very enjoyable final eveing at Doukas-Thassian Restaurant and as always the meal was excellent. We said a sad farewell to Rigas and all his wonderfull staff and thanked them for their hospitality. We may be back again soon.

Sunday 23/05/10

Departure day and an early start for most guests returning home today. The suitcases are collected first, then about 30 minutes later your coach back to the Ferry port arrives.   We were on Return flight TOM7703 to Birmingham.  Our cases were due to be picked up around 8.15am, but as it was they were still waiting by the roadside when we boarded the coach to the airport around 9am. The rep's made sure the caaes made to the airport though and they were waiting for us when we arrived at the terminal.

Check-in went fine, as slowly as usual but okay otherwise and we went through to departures to wait for the aircraft to arrive.

The Birmingham flight that landed was a Boeing 767-300, a much larger aircraft than we had come out on, having a 2-4-2 seating configuration with two asiles as against the Boeing 757's 3-3 configuaration and one asile. I wondered  if it was due to maybe bringing more holidaymakers out this week as it was now getting into the season or just because they didn't have a 757 available. There were a lot of empty seats on the return journey, so I'm not really sure.

The good thing with this aircraft was as it was much bigger everyone had their own seat back TVs on which you could watch movies, listen to music, play games and even track the progress of your filght home using the "Where are we?" screens which showd maps of what countries you were over at the time. It all helped to pass the time quickly. .

The return flight to the UK was about 3 hours and 15 minutes and we landed slightly earlier than scheduled. A very heavy landing I must say, as the plane rattled a lot on touchdown and the pilot seemed to have to brake more severly than expected to bring the aircraft to a halt and enter the taxiway. Birmingham was bright and sunny and hotter than Greece had been at around 25 degress celsius.

To summarize, we had another very relaxing week in Thassos and enjoyed meeting up again with our friend Rigas and all his staff and meeting new friends Tracy and Alan at the Waterfront Cafe Bar and Chris Taberner at Four Season Hotel. The hire car was a good idea and broke the week up nicely allowing us to get out of the town to see new places. We were very disappointed in the Hotel Elia overall and it is highly unlikely we would ever use it again in the future. It is possible that we will return to Thassos again in the future, if Marie gets her way again!

Chris & Marie, May 16th - May 23th 2010.

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